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At Walk West, we manufacture a range of products for the equestrian and animal husbandry sectors chiefly using the rotomoulding process – a method of manufacturing hollow plastic products suited to today’s market place.

We are an all-Australian company that has been serving Australia since 1992. We have a range of highly regarded equipment, designed and manufactured to suit local conditions. Our operation is based at Yarrawonga Vic.

Our equestrian products include cavaletti ends and poles; arena markers, stands and corners; Tri-Jump and keyhole jump stands and cups; plus Mount Ease mounting stands.

Related products for horses and calves include Can’t Tip troughs; Versatile grazers; Munch and Snack Bar troughs and the Mini Silo. Other feeders and troughs are also suitable for lambs, kids and other animals.

The animal husbandry products include a range of rotomoulded milk feeders for calves, ranging in size from single calf units to the largest mobile feeder that can feed a group of 60 calves. Ezi Lock hooks allow feeders to be hung from fence wire – or any rail size up to 75 mm thick – and locked in place. The units feature interstack facilities for easy handling, storage and transportation. We import and supply the New Zealand Milk Bar™ teats for use with the milk feeders. Also available are a variety of meal and pellet feeders and feed or water troughs, with or without float valves.

Walk West also offer our Vaughan Irrigators range of Australian manufactured, extra heavy duty, low pressure, travelling irrigators for providing effective water irrigation systems. These units are ideal for general agricultural and horticultural applications and our manurigators can provide environmentally acceptable effluent disposal. The units are also suitable for schools, parks, sports-fields, golf-course fairways and larger turf areas. We have a range of units of various capacities and applications: the Vaughan Junior Irrigator is an ideal irrigator for small acreage or large lawns; the largest VCI-Mk 2 unit has a 14 metre boom that delivers throws up to 50 metres with a normal run of 330 metres and is designed for watering up to 50 acres of crops or pastures.


Walk West custom rotational moulders

The principle of rotational moulding of plastics is rather simple: the basic process consists of introducing a calculated amount of finely ground, food grade, thermoplastic, linear low density polyethylene powder (resin) into a thin-walled, hollow mould that is mainly constructed from mild steel sheet or cast aluminium. The mould is transferred to a gas-fired oven where – as it is heated – it is rotated and rocked about two principal axes, at relatively low speeds. The powder liquifies, adhering to and forming a complete layer against the mould inner surfaces. Rotation continues during a cooling phase so that the plastic retains its desired shape as it solidifies, shrinking away from the skin of the steel mould slightly due to the greater contraction of the polymer. When the polyethylene is sufficiently rigid, the cooling and mould rotation is stopped to allow the relatively easy removal of the product from the mould.

Linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) is more flexible and less brittle than the medium or high density polyethylene forms; LLDPE also provides greater impact and puncture resistance. Flame retardants and UV radiation stabilisers are added to the powder the latter providing increased durability. A range of colourants are available.

We use various grades of polyethylene (including diesel grade, food grade and cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)) for the rotomoulding of our liquid transport carts. Chemicals, diesel, oil, water, other liquids and waste may be transported or stored in these carts and we determine the most suitable polyethylene grade for each customer’s application.

A wide variety of products can be manufactured with our large rotomoulder. Normally, to reduce costs, a number of different product moulds are processed during each moulding cycle; brass inserts and graphics can be moulded into the product if needed. If you have any questions regarding custom rotomoulding – or wish to have your product manufactured – give us a call today, on 03 5743 1534, to discuss your needs. Our method of rotomoulding enables relatively short production runs.

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