The Milk Bar™ Classic 40, 50 or 60 teat, single or tandem axle mobile feeders are simple and easy to use. They feature:

  • a round 500 or 750 litre tank (eliminating milk surge for superior stability) mounted on a galvanised trailer providing a low centre of gravity
  • a tank with a secure flip lid and content gradients marked at 50 litre intervals
  • a tank that is level with the two manifolds, each manifold holding 125 or 150 litres
  • two 25 mm taps to quickly transfer the required volume of milk into each manifold (and the tank will drain completely)
  • a manual leveler to ensure an even flow of milk to all teats, whether the feeder is attached to a vehicle or not and the ability to alter the weight on the drawbar for balance
  • no pipes or plumbing to clog and trap bacteria thus making the units easy to clean.
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