• Extra cable up to applicable 300 or 400 metre maximum
  • Bolt-on hose reel
  • Sumpmaster cam for sump pumping and extremely low pressure
  • Front tow hitch assembly to suit 50 mm ball
  • Twin front wheel steer assembly for exact direction
  • An 11 metre boom extension kit which can be retro-fitted to the 7 metre boom Standard unit
  • Specialised conical rubber nozzles for effluent spraying
  • 2 metre maize extension for watering high crops
  • Heavy duty lay-flat hose for watering crops

Performance Indicators

ExtraStandard IrrigatorVCI-Mk1 IrrigatorVCI-Mk2 IrrigatorQuad x 4
Bolt-On Hose Reel
Sumpmaster Cam
Twin Front SteerStandard
Direct Steer AssemblyStandard
11 Metre Boom Extension
Effluent Nozzles
Front Tow Coupling
2 Metre Maize Extension
Heavy Duty Lay-Flat Hose
Automatic Shut Off Valve
Automatic Travel StopStandardStandardStandardStandard
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