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Compartment feeders are great for sorting calves into groups or when using concentrated feeding regimes. The compartments each hold 2.5 litres and are fitted with Milk Bar™ teats for even feeding rates, essential when using compartment feeders.The compartments are easy to clean. All the Milk Bar™ portable compartment feeders have fully adjustable, bunt proof Ezi Lock hooks and, for easy handling, the units interstack with the teats fitted.

Milk Bar™ 2 Compartment

The Milk Bar™ 2 Compartment feeder (above) weighs 2 kg, is 400 mm long, 250 mm wide and 400 mm high.

Milk Bar™ 5 Compartment

The Milk Bar™ 5 Compartment feeder (right) weighs 4.5 kg, is 830 mm long, 290 mm wide and 370 mm high.

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