Milk Bar™ 1

The Milk Bar™ 1 is a single teat, rail mounted, three litre feeder for calves in single pens. The integral rotomoulded hooks are incredibly sturdy and handy, fitting 25 mm rails and a convenient hand grip is provided.

Milk Bar™ 5

The Milk Bar™ 5 is rotomoulded at Yarrawonga and weighs just 2 kg but holds 15 litres to feed five calves, gradients marked at 5 litres. The integral rotomoulded hooks fit 25 mm or 40 mm rails and a sturdy carry handle is moulded through the interior.

Milk Bar™ 10

The Milk Bar™ 10 is rotomoulded at Yarrawonga and fitted with Ezi Lock hooks. The feeder is 850 mm long, 460 mm wide, 430 mm high, weighs 5 kg and holds up to 60 litres. Cut out handles are at the sides and the units interstack – with the teats fitted – for easier handling, transporting and storage.

Please note the 36 litre Milk Bar™ 6 depicted in the image above is currently not being produced however the popular 6 teat straight line feeder is a replacement in the product range.

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