Prdouct Description

Straight line feeders are designed to be hung from standard gates and are ideal where the front of the pen is a steel gate. Although the strong aluminium alloy hooks are pre-set to hang from a gate they are pre-drilled for alternative use on 25 mm and 32 mm rails, so you can rebolt them where best suits you.

The feeder bowl locks onto the base stand whilst calves are feeding and also allows bowl and base to be moved as one unit between pens; for transport and storage the feeder bowl stacks inside the base. The shape of the base stops calves bunting the unit over. The Milk Bar 20 can be used inside or out; for windy conditions drill a few holes around the base and peg it to the ground!

Milk Bar™ 6 straight line portable feeder

The Milk Bar™ 6 straight line portable feeder is produced only in Australia. This feeder is 900 mm long, 180 mm wide, 300 mm high and holds up to 36 litres.

Milk Bar™ 20 teat free standing feeder

The Milk Bar™ 20 teat free standing feeder is ideal for large pens. The diameter of the feeder is 870 mm and the total height when on the moulded stand is 900 mm, empty weight is 12 kg and the unit holds up to 120 litres.

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