Product Description

The base of the stand has holes formed in each corner so it may easily be secured with three tent pegs. A hole may be drilled at the top of the stand for a course flag. By adding a third Tri-Jump stand you can have two jumps; keep adding more stands to create your own special course!

Because of the triangular shape, Tri-Jumps can easily be interstacked for travel or storage, each stand weighs 3 kg.

The cups readily slot into all three sides of the jump stands with no sharp corners or protrusions and are designed for use with our cavaletti poles.

Product Information

The rotomoulded polyethylene Tri-Jump stands and cups provide a safe and practical alternative to steel or wooden jump wings. The minimum jump height setting is 22 cm and maximum is 120 cm with 10 jump height settings to choose between those limits. 

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